What’s involved in an EMF inspection?

What to expect when we come to your workplace or residence to test for harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Workplace Inspection

Our consultant will use professional grade EMF meters to measure Magnetic, Electric, Dirty Electricity, and high frequency RF.

She or he will record the readings and compare them against the most authoritative and trustworthy guidelines.
If there is a need for effecting a solution to any problem areas, the consultant will go over remediation options with their main contact at your company. Discretion is important.

Installation of remediation options can be provided at a subsequent visit if desired or needed. This could include shielding or filter hardware. Many other solutions are easy to deploy and are no cost, for example to move a computer workstation, increase distance from an emitting object, etc.

Discuss safer use of technology such as computers, smart devices, and electrical equipment.

A complete written report will be provided promptly after the onsite inspection. We will take the time to answer any questions about EMFs.

Residential Inspection

Home EMF inspections are very similar to the above but particular attention is also given to sleeping areas and the location of beds.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you are considering the purchase of a new home but are concerned about nearby power lines, transformer stations or other sources of electrosmog, we offer a “Pre-Purchase Inspection” at a special price. Prompt and definitive service!

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